With a distinctly modern flavour the Solona Outdoor Concrete Table embraces minimalist design with its strong silhouette and sculptural like shape.  Curved ends and a bullnose edge to the table top are complemented by two ribbed pillar leg bases.

Crafted in fibre cement, in a white finish.

Approximate measurements: 200cm (W) x 100cm (D) x 74cm (H)

Origin: Vietnam

Delivery is to driveway / garage only unless arranged otherwise.  Assembly required. The concrete table top will require 2-3 people to lift it into place once the base has been assembled. 


As a porous material with a natural organic appearance, concrete furniture will overtime age and develop it’s own unique character.  The appearance of the concrete may alter depending on environmental conditions including the volume of exposure to rain and sun and temperature fluctuations.

Hairline cracks, crazing and small divots will occur as these are a natural part of the products aging process, and will not affect its quality or performance, and are not considered defects.


Do not use any abrasive materials or cleaning products with solvents, to clean your concrete surfaces use a damp cloth or soft sponge.

Do not use high-pressure powered pressure washers, for most applications a garden nozzle will be enough pressure to clean the furniture of any mould and mildew.

Always clean up food and beverage spills as soon as possible, using mild soapy water and a soft cloth.

Your concrete or stone furniture can also be cleaned using Guardsman Stone Daily Cleaner which can be purchased directly from Hawthorne Collections.

Do not drag furniture as this could cause irreparable damage to the table, instead lift into position using at least 2 people, more if you are attempting to manoeuvre through doorways and around tight corners.


To reduce the occurrence of stains and crazing we recommend sealing your new concrete furniture as soon as it is received, using the Guardsman Stone Seal & Protect Spray Bottle, available to purchase from Hawthorne Collections.  We do not recommend sealing your concrete furniture with polyurethane products.

Depending on usage and environmental conditions your concrete furniture (indoor & outdoor) should be re-sealed at least every 6 months.