Monolithic Side Table


Back to the stone age!

The Monolithic Table has a an old school look with a new and recycled finish.

3D printed right here in New Zealand out of recycled plastic! 


Height : 43cm
Diameter: 42cm

*Special Studios design and production systems can efficiently process recycled plastic materials into a range of products that can be recycled again and again. By choosing products made from recycled plastic, recycled material is diverted into living rooms instead of land fills while at the same time, the need to create new plastic reduces.

 Return your Special Studio product and receive 20% of the original purchase price toward any new Special Studio purchase*. Returned objects will be resold or recycled into new objects depending on the condition.


Original purchase = $100
Credit @ 20% = $20

New Item = $40

Total Cost = $20

*Proof of purchase required.