Honey & Water - Jessanah Lupe Betham



Honey & Water is an invitation into healing and communion. Born out of a season of deep supplication and unfurling, it is a tender, yet hopeful proposition — nourishing poems, prayers, prose and affirmations exploring faith and surrender in the middle of deep grief and loss.

Honey & Water encourages a life of substance and sweetness in the divine middles of our lives. 

The 215-page book takes the reader through the author’s own healing process in six chapters:

The hard and deep yes – on perspective, sustenance and divine providence.

The words they gave me – on legacy, place, bloodlines, heritage and unwavering generational conviction.

The in-between – on tensions, middle-ground, loss, pain, waiting and grief.

Light – on freedom, truth and the way light prevails.

Honey & water – on substance, nourishment, depth and open hands.

He brings flowers – on restoration, righteousness, and hope against all hope.

Jessanah Lupe Betham is an Aotearoa New Zealand creative of Samoan (Aleisa, Le’auva’a) Irish, Scottish and English descent. She is from Porirua Te Whanganui-a-Tara. Honey and Water is her first book.