Planta Yerba Mate- Lime and Kawa kawa


The perfect lip smacking fusion of Old World superfood and Aotearoa New Zealand botanicals. We think bubbly drinks are great, but it's a shame about the mad sugar levels or booze. Our motivation was to create a healthy carbonated drink that was as refreshing as it was stimulating.


We thought there was something missing in the local drinks market and the solution we crafted is something we just had to share. After a year of tinkering and tasting, we have the final product ready for you. 


Is it exotic? You bet! Is it healthy? Si!


How does it taste? Like nothing you’ve tasted before! Its floral, light, gently astringent with unpredictable citrus notes. As one of our test pilots said recently; “It's hard to pinpoint and describe the taste as each mouthful is a different experience, before you know it the can is finished and you immediately feel like another”.


Hence our tagline ‘Every sips a trip’.