Somewhere - Women's Stories of Migration


Somewhere is an inspiring collection of stories about migration. Written from 20 women's perspectives it brings a refreshing and uniting voice to this compelling and trending topic. More people are likely to be migrating now than at any other time in history and this is set to increase as climate change and political unrest pushes even more people to relocate. The implications of migration, especially for women, are often unknown, unheard, unspoken. From the fleeing refugee to the political and economic migrant, a broad range of migration by people of many cultures, ethnicities and beliefs is shared in this book. Identity, belonging, assimilation and alienation are some of the key topics in this sometimes sad but also joyful book. Treasures of wisdom and heartfelt honesty are found in the stories. The book will give the reader hope, encouragement, or insight into a globally relevant subject on a personal level rather than through distant, abstract news stories. Somewhere encourages open-mindedness and is filled with stories that will likely have a strong impact on the reader.

"Migration is a major phenomenon of our times...The collection of stories in the pages of this book gives voice to women migrants. Some of the stories speak of forced displacement, while others are about deliberate and voluntary migration. Those who have written have shown courage, resilience, and strength. May their stories inspire strength in the many others in similar situations around the world." Rt Hon Helen Clark.

Dr Rita Sebestyen
Diana Ruiz
Kathinka Fossum Evertsen
Carol Peychers
Tooba Neda Safi
Dr Shruti Kapoor
Laura Tam
Melissa Meza-Rapp
Lilla Proics
Karina Buikema
Hiba Dabbah Al Jamal
Tina Kreitmayr
Anna Lueba
Ann Croucher
Kay Ross
Sara Sheffield-Cavallo
Cheryl Lee Latter
Agnese Accapezzato
Oma Eguara