Lulu Stool -Special Studio


Like the planter, this stool was created using the Lulu bin geometry, then modified for strength and scaled up. Doubling as a side table, this versatile piece works well in any setting.

3D Printed right here in New Zealand!

Twelve layers of plastic are printed to produce the top, providing a weight bearing of up to 120kgs.

Available in Matte and Gloss:

Gloss Colors:

White, Black, Clear, Amber, Emerald, Aqua, Yellow, Coral, Lilac.

Matte Colors:

Eggshell, Sage, Terracotta, Cobalt, Ochre, Apricot, Lilac.

Sizes & Dimensions:

Standard = 40cm Tall x 33 cm Diameter

Medium = 430 x 33 Diameter

Large = 50cm Tall x 33 cm Diameter

Extra Large = 55cm Tall x 33cm Diameter

Weight : 1.8 - 2.2kg