Becca Smith has a clear vision for her new venture; helping you become a ‘well being’.

Becca Smith has a clear vision for her new venture; helping you become a ‘well being’.

How many of you can say that you actually take time to care for yourselves on a daily basis?

We lead such busy lives these days and that’s where Becca comes in- she pushes you to be your best self through supportive meetings, creating change through your diet and exercise, and making a massive difference to your body as a whole.

Becca has spent her time as a primary school teacher, raising two beautiful children, and in her spare time she rides her beautiful horse on their amazing property in Oakura. But bubbling beneath the surface was a passion for clean health, and this has taken her on a massive journey over the past year.

She is currently studying health coaching through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York - the largest nutrition school in the world. They teach a holistic approach, looking at nutrition as well as other areas ‘off the plate’ that impact on your health and happiness. Enter her new venture ‘The Well Being’.

Becca has recently used me as her test subject so I’m pretty passionate about sharing this with you all. I am a normal mum, time poor, busy, and I often make bad choices with my diet and fitness. After meeting with her she has shown me that with a few small changes, eg water intake, exercise, SLEEP, cold showers!!! and general diet goals, my life has honestly improved SO much.

I knew most of this stuff, we all do. ‘Drink more water, eat good food...’ But I didn’t know how to implement this into MY life. And I didn’t know specifics. What Becca has done for me, the way she has broken it down, has been invaluable. I seriously can’t recommend this enough. It’s not easy, but it’s not supposed to be, and the reward is sooooo worth it. Becca keeps me accountable, she makes sure I’m exercising, that I’m eating well, that I’m taking time for myself - all the things we should know to do but somehow don’t.

In fact, she was so good, I made my husband and my friends call her. Immediately. They too have found phenomenal results, just through honest conversation.

I asked Becca to tell me about her vision: ‘I am super passionate in empowering clients to take control of their health through achievement of their personal health and wellness goals. I think it is crucial that health solutions are bio-individual and holistic. I take time to look at all areas that can affect health and happiness, and work with the client to brainstorm ideas that fit into their lifestyle. Regular support and accountability through the structure of a programme is also key. It is the best feeling to see clients feeling empowered about their health and the ripple effect that can have is extraordinary.’

Becca will be doing a monthly well being blog for us here at Objects, where she will share with us all seasonal tips and tricks, amazing food, recipes and goodness. We are PUMPED to have her onboard. 

If you feel you could benefit from a chat with Becca, (and let’s face it, we all know you will), get in touch via her socials. Becca will be taking clients from the end of this month, so secure your spot as spaces are limited to ensure everyone receives the support and time they need. Did I also mention that this is super affordable too? After all, what is your health actually worth to you?

Becca Smith
The Well Being