McEldowney Builders- The process of perfectionism made easy...

McEldowney Builders- The process of perfectionism made easy...

As most of you know I’m a serial renovator, we are on our sixth reno in 6 years. Crazy? Absolutely. But over that time I have built up a relationship with tradies that’s I absolutely trust and rely on to make my reno dreams come true, and Brad McEldowney from McEldowney Builders is my go to.

We met Brad through recommendations from friends. We were told he was reliable, trustworthy and a perfectionist- a winning combo for us. All our Reno’s have been different in era, budget, and overall goal, but nothing is ever too hard for this guy. I am often a challenge when I have my heart set on something (I can hear almost everyone laughing at this enormous understatement) but if I believe that something will work in a space, we have the budget to pull it off, and I can convince my husband to be on board, we WILL be doing it. This is why I Love Brad and his team, he has spent god knows how many hours discussing options with me and trying to decipher my Pinterest Screenshots over the years, without even so much as an eye roll, and his reply is always ‘yeh we can do that, easy.’

Brad is passionate about what he does, he is an absolute perfectionist with his finishing and he runs a tight crew of very capable guys. He loves anything from small Reno’s to Massive complicated architectural new builds, and everything in between. He’s also very handy when it comes to hard landscaping; garden beds, seating areas, outdoor fireplaces, they are all just a walk in the park for this guy.

After being in this industry locally for about 13 years he has built very strong relationships with other trades and seems to manage the process of a build easily. With so many contacts in all areas he can work for you by getting multiple quotes and great prices from the best, and nothing is ever too much trouble.

Brad is in the process of planning his own new build, and with his 4 beautiful children and phenomenal wife Greer, there’s very little downtime for him to squeeze in a surf let-alone time to build his own dream home, but that won’t stop him!

Brad has just completed an amazing property in the new development off the main road in Omata here in New Plymouth; a very contemporary black, cedar and brick number that he has been working on for the past 8 months. Next time you are driving past have a squiz, it really is a thing of beauty.

He has also recently completed the Butterworth’s home on Pitcairn Street, which when finished was an absolute architectural masterpiece. Brads attention to detail and ability to make changes on the fly was the game changer here, as well as a Devine Design from the architect Kyal Ramsay. I asked the Butterworth’s how they found the process:

‘Brad accepts nothing less than 100%, which is why we chose him to build our home. As it turns out there is quite a bit to a build project and Brad guided us through the process effortlessly. We had full confidence and trust in Brad completing our project to the highest spec and having our best interests at heart. He always took the utmost pride in his work and nothing was ever too hard - we’d throw a curve ball at him every now and then - he'd work it out and make it happen. Nothing was ever an issue. He never held back with suggestions on how to do things better. He’s an absolute legend - if we built again we wouldn’t use anyone but Brad.’ 

Brad is down to earth, his communication is strong and his dedication to his work is second to none. If you are looking for someone to take care of your next project, I know from my experience that McEldowney builders will always be the right choice.



Phone: 0275961050 


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